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Lawyer Call Wills Services:

At Lawyer Call, we can assist you to create a Will to ensure that all your assets are distributed accurately in accordance with your wishes.

We also act in preparing a documents such as Power of Attorney and Enduring  Guardianship, and general legal advice in the administration of an estate.

We specialise in the following areas:

  • Drafting Wills

  • Legal advice regarding the legal process of Obtaining Probate which involves an Executor gaining control of a deceased assets  and distributing them as per the directions of the Will.

  • Legal Advice and Drafting of Enduring Power of Attorney which grants the power to someone else to make decision about the money or assets when a person is no longer capable of making such decisions.

  • Legal Advice and Drafting of Enduring Guardian which allows a person to be appointed to deal with another person’s personal and health affairs when they are no longer capable of making those on their own. 

  • Administration of Estate Assets


Why Lawyer Call?

At Lawyer Call we have the expertise and understand the importance of correct and accurate management of Estate assets.


With a skilled dedicated group of Estate solicitors, you can rest assured that every fine detail of a Will, Enduring Power of Attorney or Guardian is carefully assessed and drafted according to your wishes.  

Our Online Legal Conferencing Service, together with our dedicated correspondence and face to face consultations are just only some of the reasons Lawyer Call is the Legal Team you want for all your Estate matters.

Contact Lawyer Call on 1300 LAW 111 today and plan your financial and family future in the legal manner and with the appropriate documentation you desire.



“I cannot begin to thank Paul for his tireless efforts with my case. Would recommend them anybody with a criminal matter their clear communication and expert advice got me my best possible outcome”


—  Casey, Nurse


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