Money Laundering Offences

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What is Money Laundering?


Money Laundering is a criminal offence involving the re-distribution of money from one source to make it appear as it is coming from another source. It is most often committed with the intention of hiding the proceeds obtained from conducting illegal activities.

Money Laundering & The Law


The offence of Money Laundering is covered under Section 193B of the Crimes Act 1900

It can also be charged under the Criminal Code (Commonwealth) 1995 under Section 400.3 to 400.9.

The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 also deals with the Prosecution of Money Laundering offences, with particular focus on:

  • Structuring Offences (Section 142-143)

  • Movement of physical currency nationally and internationally (Sections 53,55)

  • Opening bank accounts using false identification (Sections 136-138)

  • Using bank accounts in false names (Sections 139-141)


What the Prosecution need to Prove (Beyond a Reasonable Doubt):

  • The accused dealt with proceeds of crime; and

  • The accused intended to conceal that they were proceeds of crime;


Going to Court – “What am I looking at?”


If you have been charged with Money Laundering,  you will have to go before the Court, and if convicted, you will receive a criminal record, and potential further implications such as community service or time in custody.


The penalties for Money Laundering  can be severe, with a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment under the Crimes Act. However, if the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecution has elected to prosecute the matter under the Criminal Code (Commonwealth), the maximum penalty can be as high as up to 25 years imprisonment.


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Money Laundering is a complex criminal offence to prosecute as it often involves intricate schemes and transactions designed to avoid detection and are often ambiguous in defining the exact mechanism, thus making it hard to prove.


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