Identity Crime Offences

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What is Identity Crime?

Identity Crime can be separated in 2 distinct categories: Identity Theft and Identity Fraud.


Identity Theft involves a person assuming another person’s identity altogether.


Identity Fraud  involves a person handling and using identification information of another person to commit an indictable offence.


Identification information can include numerous things which can be used to confirm the identity of a person such as:


  • Driver licence or passport

  • Information relating to the person’s age, residential address, marital status

  • Banking details and credit card details

  • Signatures (print or electronic)

  • Business or company registration details such as an ABN or CAN


Examples of Identity Crime


  • ATM and credit card fraud

  • Loan applications under fraudulent names

  • Mail Theft

  • Physical manufacture of false identification material such as Driver Licences and Passports


Identity Crime & The Law

The offence of Fraud is covered under Section 192I-M of the Crimes Act 1900. 

Going to Court – “What am I looking at?”


Identity Crime is broad and considered to be a very serious offence, and this is often reflected in the types of penalties imposed  by the Courts. The maximum penalty for dealing with identification information can be up to 10 years imprisonment.


If a person is found in the possession of identification information of another person with an intention to commit an offence, the maximum penalty can be as high as 7 years imprisonment.


If a person is found to possess physical equipment able to create fake documents containing identification information for the purposes of using these to create an indictable offence, they can face up to 3 years imprisonment.


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