Cyber Fraud Offences

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What is Cyber Fraud?

Cyber Fraud involves the deliberate use of the Internet services for unlawful material gain. Internet services can include social networks, chat rooms, email communications, web and mobile phone applications.

There are numerous types of Cyber Fraud some of which include:


  • Internet Auctioning Scam


This is commonly referred to as an online shopping scam where a person posts fake products, and attempts to gather funds from potential buyers. They then , either fail to send the product or deliver a product which is significantly different and of less value than what was ordered


  • Phishing


This involves a person falsely representing themselves as a representative of a public or respected company and attempting to gather the personal information of the victim, including identification or banking details.


  • Email Scam


This type of fraud involves a person attracting a victim to carry out a certain act, usually through the transfer of money, through an email.

Cyber Fraud & The Law


Cyber Fraud offences are outlined in the Offences List of the Cybercrime Act 2001.


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If a plea of guilty is more appropriate in the circumstances, or if negotiations need to be conducted in an effort to downgrade the seriousness of the Police Facts, our solicitors have in-depth preparation in gathering and analysing specific medical and supporting documentation to assist the case and present the best possible submissions before a Magistrate or Judge for a more lenient sentence.


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