Commercial Lawyers Sydney

At Lawyer Call, we have a dedicated team to assist you with Construction Law matters with years of experience in matters involving Contract drafting and administration.

We offer specialised legal services in the following Property Development areas:

Commercial Business - Purchase/Lease/Sale

Commercial Franchise Developments


Our team of Construction Law specialists also regularly undertake work in both the public and private sectors for both:


A. Property Development:

  • Developer and Builder Agreements

  • Negotiating Finance Agreements

  • Joint Venture Agreement Reviews and Advice

  • Native title Claims and Agreements

  • Sales and acquisitions of industrial sites

  • Administration of complex subdivision process

  • Owners Corporations Sales documentation

  • Sales by tender

  • Acquisitions of easements, and general advice on covenants, or other heritage overlays

  • Compulsory government acquisitions including road constructions and discontinuances

  • Water entitlements and reuse management onsite

  • Legal advice on potentially contaminated land

  • Building planning and rezoning of lands

  • Contract advice on infrastructure projects, retirement facilities and commercial and residential developments

B. Commercial leasing and licensing:

  • Risk management assessments and development approval applications

  • Retail and commercial leasing contract preparation

  • Negotiating terms of building development leases and subsequent sub-leases documentation

  • Legal advice on Crown land leases

  • Dispute resolution with experience in Mediation, Arbitration, NCAT, District and Supreme Court representation for leasing disputes

  • Licensing certification for resorts, hotels, and gaming


Who do we act for?

At Lawyer Call, each case is different and we have experience acting for parties at all stages of the development process, and this includes representation for either the developer, the owner, occupier, a fund manager or any other party. We provide legal advice on commercial agreements for both Owners and Developers, and also Industrial vendors and purchasers.

Our expert team also reviews consultancy arrangements between engineers and Project Management companies, and provides mediation services for contractors over work agreements and disputes.


Why Lawyer Call?


With a skilled and dedicated group of Construction law solicitors, you can rest assured that every fine detail of a contract, lease or agreement is carefully assessed, ensuring that all compulsory and legislative requirements are followed under the relevant legal compliance frameworks.

Our legal ethos is one of trust and social cohesion when providing legal services, to ensure that all commercial, industrial, environmental and general social needs have not only been met, but have indeed enhanced aspects of our wider community.

We believe there lies an inherent duty on a qualified legal practitioner to carefully take into account a broader spectrum of community considerations when providing legal advice on the multitude of financial and legal transactions that occur within Property Development.

Renowned for drafting documentation flexibility, long standing experience, and professional and pragmatic legal solutions, Lawyer Call ensures that all our clients are continuously engaged and made aware of the exact nature of the arrangement into which they are entering.


Our Online Legal Conferencing Service, together with our dedicated correspondence and face to face consultations are just only some of the reasons Lawyer Call is the Construction and Property Development Legal Team you want on your side.


Contact Lawyer Call on 1300 LAW 111 to arrange an appointment today.


“I cannot begin to thank Paul for his tireless efforts with my case. Would recommend them anybody with a criminal matter their clear communication and expert advice got me my best possible outcome”


—  Casey, Nurse


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